In order to serve here in Africa, we depend entirely on the financial investment of individuals and churches who see the immediate and eternal value in what we are doing.

AIM has a long history of fiscal responsibility. The amount our family requires ($6600/month) is only what is required to live modestly and serve effectively. Ways you can give and account setup is explained below. Please contact us if you have any further questions. Thank you so much for considering a financial partnership with our ministry!

Ways to give:

Online using a credit card.

  1. go to AIM’s online giving page for our family
  2. choose an amount, date, and frequency if you want to give regularly
  3. click continue
  4. create an account so you can get your tax credit
  5. enter your billing info and confirm!

Automatic electronic withdrawal (EFT) from a checking account.

  1. Download and print this form (
  2. Enclose a blank voided check or savings deposit slip
  3. Read the form and sign according to the signatures on that account
  4. Return by mail to:

Africa Inland Mission
ACH Transfer
P.O. Box 3611
Peachtree City, GA 30269-7611

By mail using a check.

Write check to “Africa Inland Mission” and mail it to the address above. Be sure to include our name on the memo line.

Where does $6600 go each month? You must be living like kings!

$6600 is the amount our organization has determined is what is needed to live modestly and serve effectively. We know of many other missionaries here who require double that amount, but not aware of any that live cheaper! Below is a simple breakdown of the costs:

$130 (2.1%) AIM’s International Office support

$708 (11.4%) AIM US’s office administration (which directly supports OFM’s operating expenses)

$528 (8.5%) local field office expenses (Kenyan staff who handle visas, immigration, finances, and a host of other complicated and time-consuming things for an ex-pat)

$62 (1%) supports AIM retirees

$682 Health insurance

$480 Retirement (401k)

$485 taxes (social security, medicare, worker’s comp)

$346 housing

$2364 salary