A new adventure

Dear friends and family,

Family of the Browns at Garden of the Gods

Family of the Browns at Garden of the Gods

We wanted to write to you to give an update on our lives here in Colorado Springs. God has been so faithful to us – He has brought us into a “spacious place” (Psalm 118:5) and we are amazed by His goodness and His sovereignty in our lives. Since we last updated you, Andy has started a new job and the rest of us are settling into a new routine of life here, making friends and getting into activities (more on those things below). Life is slowly starting to feel more “normal” for us and we are truly spending everyday in awe and thankfulness to our God who has been with us every step of this journey.

The biggest news of the year is after months of searching and many rounds of interviews, Andy landed a job with Compassion International as Communications Manager for Global Advocacy. And there was much rejoicing in Colorado Springs at our house. Compassion, one of the largest Christian NGOs in the US, is best known for its excellent child sponsorship program which serves 1.5 million children in the developing world through holistic child development.

Can't hold back the grin

Can’t hold back the grin

Global Advocacy is the newest strategy for Compassion, working in areas where Compassion has not been able to reach and in creative ways outside of the traditional donor-beneficiary support model. Andy is starting the first communications position in this strategy, working with local media producers and churches around the world to raise the flag of advocacy for holistic child development. The next few months will find Andy in Myanmar and South Africa on video productions. It’s a big job, with big responsibilities, and Andy is thrilled, scared, challenged, inspired, and even a little surprised that he was chosen for this role in a very competitive hiring process.

As for Lesa, she is starting to give voice and guitar lessons. She has her first student, a high school senior girl. We’re praying and hoping for several more students for her, as well. She is involved in the women’s Bible study at our church and also some other little artsy endeavors to keep her creativity at bay! 🙂 For now, though, she is enjoying resting and waiting on the Lord’s guiding towards what her next ministry will be. We know that with the rigors of Andy’s new job and the fact that life in the States makes it more difficult for both of us to be working, she will need to be home most of the time for transporting the kids and taking care of the home/family. God has given her peace about this season of life – it’s different than life in Kenya, but she is thrilled to throw her attention on ministering to the kids and Andy. She’s also very happy to be so close to her parents (only a 7 hour drive), and was even able to travel there to help out when her grandma was in the hospital recently.

Kids sledding by our house with Aunt Megan

Kids sledding by our house with Aunt Megan

The kids are each making friends now, which is a huge answer to prayer. They are keeping busy, but still we have lots of time together as a family. Robbie is in band, pep band, track, and will be on the lights crew for the upcoming musical at school. He’s involved in our church youth group as well as a Bible study on our street. Avery is enjoying band at school and is also in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) Club, which has involved using power tools… perfect! He’s in the church youth group and also just started on a club soccer team! Sydney is in the 4th grade Honor Choir, the Video Game Developers and STEM clubs 🙂 and is in Pioneers Club at church. She is usually found playing with her friends who live on our street. We’re so proud of them for jumping in and trying new things and making new friends, even though it certainly hasn’t been easy. Please pray for them, it is never easy for missionary kids to settle back in their “home” country. They will always love Kenya and see it as their home.

The relief we all feel at finally having employment and for each thing that is falling into place is hard to describe. We are still grieving and healing from losing Kenya, but honestly it is also so nice to take a deep breath and know that we aren’t needing to raise financial support right now and that we can start to put down roots here. We don’t know what the future will bring, we want to remain open to God’s leading always, but we hope that we will be able to buy a home and stay here for the foreseeable future. We still have a heart for international missions and so we want to keep that door open, if God should choose to send us internationally again. We will certainly let you know if anything changes for us. For now though, we are settling in and making Colorado Springs our home. We would love to have you come visit us any time!

For His Glory,
Andy, Lesa, Robbie, Avery and Sydney

Our phone numbers are:
Lesa – 309-278-3460
Andy – 309-278-7182


  1. Hi Andy, It is so awesome to see God’s work in your family! Continue to pray for your family and your work with Compassion International. God Is Good, All the time.

    Your Friends in Christ,

    Tom & Jackie Thulin

  2. This is good to hear Andy! God bless you and yours in all your new challenges and adventures.

  3. Bless you guys – great to hear your news


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