Family of the Browns at Garden of the Gods

Family of the Browns at Garden of the Gods

Dear Friends and Family,

As we sit here in our cozy new home in Colorado Springs, with a gorgeous view of Pikes Peak out the windows and a warm fire going next to us, we are blown away by God’s goodness and faithfulness to us. We have a home we can call our own and furniture to sit on! Our kids are in excellent schools with teachers that care! We have found an amazing church to attend and hopefully plug into with our gifts! We are sitting here in this moment, applying for jobs, praying like crazy and reminding ourselves to take deep breaths. Putting one foot in front of the other.

To be honest, sometimes we feel a bit like Israel in the wilderness – waffling between being grateful and being fearful. We know we’re on a journey towards something good (because that is what He has promised!) but we really don’t know what it is and we are really struggling sometimes to believe its actually going to happen. Each day we have new ideas, new dreams, new fears and still renewed hope in the Lord, whose gifts and calling are irrevocable, who makes all things new, who has plans for us and who will be faithful to complete the good work He began in us.


Avery playing a little high altitude football

Avery playing a little high altitude football

In the past few months, we have gone through intensive counseling for missionaries, we have sold most of our belongings in Kenya and packed up the rest, we have rented a home in Colorado Springs and we have gotten “settled in” to a new life here. Each of us has undergone a major transition which carries with it both joys and sorrows. When you love something as much as we all loved Kenya, it is very hard to say goodbye, especially when you aren’t sure what you are saying hello to. We are grateful for the time in counseling in CA where we were each able to heal and gain perspective. Through all of it, our family has been strengthened beyond what we ever thought possible – our marriage at a greater depth and more beautiful than ever before, our home more filled with grace and peace, and our extended family ties renewed and vibrant once again.

What’s next

We honestly do not know yet what the future holds – God has not shown us and so we wait. Andy has been trying to get some freelance work in the meantime – he has had some small “gigs” but nothing substantial yet. We have a dream of starting our own business and/or nonprofit company to provide media for ministries and nonprofits. We have also considered that we may need to get more regular “jobs” first to have some stability for our family. We have also considered continuing mission work full or part time and currently have an offer from an organization to do so here in the States. However, we are still in prayer over all of it. Will you pray with us? We need the Lord’s guidance into what He has planned next for us. Please know that if we choose to do mission work, (which would involve support-raising again), we will let you know as soon as possible. We just don’t know that God is calling us to that in this season of our lives – but we want to make that decision out of confidence in His will and not out of fear.

FallWe know that you have been wondering what to do – how to pray, what should happen with your giving and how to help us. Thank you to so many of you who have reached out in encouragement and with so much needed help. We could not have made it through this transition without you. We would still love to hear from you and especially to see you! You are always welcome to come to CO and stay with us. It would be wonderful to offer hospitality to you all, who have shown us so much hospitality and generosity over the past 7+ years.


Regarding our finances right now, December is the last month for our supporters to send in money to AIM. As we do not have gainful employment yet, we are hoping that you would consider still giving your regular amount this month. We will receive our final paycheck in January, so that gives us till then to find a job! If you have already stopped your AIM support but would like to still send us something this month, you can send it to us directly via snailmail, (though it would not be tax-deductible). If you want to send a larger amount this month that you would like to be tax-deductible, you could send it to AIM as long as it comes in before December 31. We would be deeply grateful for anything that you feel led to give, as this has been a very expensive few months in setting up a home again, buying a car and trying to get everything up and running again in the States.

We will send you an update as soon as we know anything definite. For now, know that we are ok and that we are so grateful for you and all you have done to help us use our gifts to serve the Lord in Africa.

Clinging to His Promises,

Andy, Lesa, Robbie, Avery and Sydney Brown

New contact information:

ADDRESS: 3720 Cranswood Way Colorado Springs, CO 80918

PHONES: Andy: 309-278-7182 Lesa: 309-278-3460



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