Preparation and trust

Faith is a balancing act, and that is a good thing. It keeps our eyes on Jesus, and our trust off ourselves. And we need to be tested in our balancing ability, so that we can be matured and completed (James 1). It’s an opportunity for joy. It’s an opportunity for obedience.

1 week from today, Kenya votes for a new president. We were brand-new, inexperienced missionaries 5 years ago, the last time Kenya had presidential election and eroded into chaos that killed 1,000 people and left 600,000 homeless. We survived a couple weeks of lockdown and emerged from the experience closer to the people of Kenya and affirmed by God that this was where He had us for a reason.

Political insecurity is not rare here in Africa, and this election might not prove any different (read “Neighbors Kill Neighbors“, New York Times, 4 days ago). What is different, this time around, is that we are prepared. We’ve got 100 litres of petrol and diesel in our garage, a pantry stockpiled with food, our evacuation cash and documents in order, and the experience of having been through this before.

As before, we also have a strong trust in God’s sovereignty and his plan in having us living here for such a time as this. Many NGOs and mission organizations have already pulled their personnel out of Kenya. But we realize this is the time we need to have solidarity with our African brothers and sisters, and weather whatever storm may come our way.

So, would you please pray for Kenya on March 4, which also happens to be Avery’s birthday. He’s excited that they’ve cancelled school on that day and the next two in honor of his birthday. 🙂

The Distant Boat

Andy’s finally finished the trailer for the movie, which will be released later this year. Click the image to the left to watch it!

We are actively raising money for the post-production process, and needing around $25,000 to finish the sound, music, and licensing. Click here to read more about this and to help support this project.

As Andy will be writing the musical underscore, we need to personally raise a bit of money for a MIDI keyboard controller and some orchestral sound libraries (around $2000 total). Click here to help support Andy’s scoring needs.

Upcoming dates

March 4: Kenya elections and Avery’s Birthday

April 11: Run-off elections (likely)

April 19-27: The Pirates of Penzance, Lesa’s spring musical at our school

We are blessed to be chosen to serve here in Kenya, and blessed by so many of you who sacrifice in prayers and in finances for us to be here. God is multiplying your prayers and your finances to grow his Kingdom and fulfill his great commission!

In Christ,

Andy, Lesa, Robbie, Avery, Sydney Brown

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  1. Will be involved with fasting and prayer for Kenya and your safety.


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