School Update – Fall 2012 edition

Life at school has been exciting and busy for Lesa and the kids. Lesa directed the American classic comedy “You Can’t Take it With You” (click here for photos) with performances at the end of October. This proved extra challenging when Andy was away at the coast for the last two weeks of rehearsals and for the performances. However, God was good (as if we’re surprised about that) and provided abundantly for the family. The kids were on great behavior, Katie Lang (who is living with us this year) was a huge help, friends assisted with meals and childcare and the show went off beautifully. Next semester’s show is already cast: “The Pirates of Penzance”!

20121222-112200.jpgIn addition to directing shows, Lesa continued her other normal duties of teaching classes (Worship 2, Acting, HS choir and Introduction to Theatre), directed the high school worship teams of 25 kids and directed two music concerts. A relatively new element of her job presented itself due to this year’s highly talented senior class. Lesa was heavily involved with about 6 seniors in preparation for college auditions for music and theatre: selecting and rehearsing audition materials, making audition videos (with Andy’s help!), writing references, etc. Of course, every college has different audition requirements and each student is applying to multiple schools! This work will continue through Christmas break on into the second semester. This has been a huge blessing to be able to participate in for both of us, as we want to see these kids continue in their studies at the best possible schools and to continue to use their considerable gifts for God’s glory as they grow.

20121222-111041.jpgOur own children have enjoyed their lives this year getting involved in activities and spending time with friends. Robbie has been very active at school. He continues on trombone, though sadly his private lesson teacher is no longer teaching. He was in track again this year, participating in the 400, 1500 and 5000 meter events mainly. He also participated in writing the script for the upcoming middle school play (NOT directed by Lesa!) and has begun rehearsals as part of the cast. The show will happen in February. He is a member of a small group of 8th grade boys who meet for prayer and accountability every week. As an 8th grader, he is gearing up for high school next year (as are his parents).

Click to watch the video of Avery

Avery, in 5th grade, is busy as always – climbing, inventing, building, helping his sister and climbing some more. He started on trumpet in Beginning Band and continues his piano lessons (very much against his will, though we see his musical talents peeping through)! He made his debut as the goalie for an ad hoc elementary school soccer team at a local tournament of international schools and we’re hoping he’ll continue it. This is a perfect fit for him as he is quite fearless and fast! Next year he is looking forward to joining the middle school track team!

20121222-112421.jpgSydney, in 2nd grade, has been a very active little girl this year. She continues her ballet lessons at a nearby dance school with classes twice per week. She joined the school swim team, which she’s been wanting to do for years (we told her she had to learn how to swim first). This is a year-round team, as the weather here is so lovely. She continues to excel at her piano lessons and is constantly singing around the house (yes, big surprise).

Our fourth and newest child, Katie Lang, who is living with us and doing her senior year at school is thriving as well. She is the goalie for the Varsity girls football (soccer) team, a member of the Student Leadership Team, a friend to all at school and a hard-working student. On top of all this she is diligently applying to colleges for next year. As the second Lang child to live with us, (Tim lived with us for his gap year a few years ago), she’s learning to adapt to our music-filled household and we’re certainly benefitting from her easy-going, helpful, cheerful personality around the house – and her amazing cooking when she takes the time to fix us a treat!

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