Perfect storm… a movie, a thesis, a theatre production

This is it. We’ve seen it from a distance for a long time coming. The perfect storm of a movie production, a thesis completion, and a drama production all before the end of October.

All great things that we are privileged to be a part of, and we are trusting strongly in God not giving us more than we are able to handle (through his strength). Yet this is a season like we’ve never had before, and we are asking you to please be lifting our family and these events up in prayer.

The movie

Andy and the cast of “Distant Boat”

On Tuesday, Andy’s team begins filming on “the Distant Boat“, the first feature-length drama to be done by his team, and a landmark project for the African church. Last Tuesday, 50 Kenyan church leaders from many denominations gathered to pray over and commission this film. Simultaneously, across town, Andy was gathered with the 13 principle cast members on a 2 day rehearsal retreat. The past year of writing and planning and praying is becoming reality, and we deeply feel the responsibility, privilege, and gravity of what is about to happen.

Please pray for:

  • Andy as a first time director, that he would have wisdom and grace and vision to coach the best performance possible from the actors and crew
  • Safety in filming, in the many locations and settings that are required, especially considering the inflammatory environment that has been incited in Kenya and throughout the continent regarding religious film-making.
  • For our family, as filming requires 50 long days and late nights, including a 3 week trip to the coast for filming. The coast-location shoot, particularly, whose date constraints force Andy to miss Lesa’s high school production and her thesis deadline

The thesis

Lesa teaching the HS worship team during a weekend retreat

Over 2 years ago, Lesa embarked on the long and arduous journey of acquiring a more permanent qualification for the career she’d started pursuing 20 years ago when she first felt the calling to teach music, drama, arts on the mission field. This semester, she will complete her master’s degree, and the final version of her massive thesis, on how drama can be used to address the unique issues of the international school context.

Pray for:

  • The details for the research she is conducting at the end of September to all come together
  • Lives will be impacted through the student drama team she is leading for the research
  • Lesa to find the time needed to finish writing (3 chapters & 78 pages down, 2 chapters to go…)

The drama

This semester’s show is “You Can’t Take it With You” – a comedy from the 1930’s. Rehearsals are well on their way and the cast is currently memorizing their lines!

Please pray for:

  • The necessary focus and energy Lesa needs to pull the show together in the next month.
  • That Lesa and the family can hold up during the production without Andy there.
  • That God will be glorified through the hard work and talents of the cast and crew.

 In closing

We are deeply grateful to be here, for exactly this time, and to be entrusted with so much.

We are deeply grateful for everyone back in the US who is lifting us up in prayer and financially sacrificing for God’s kingdom work.

We are deeply grateful for the past 5 years of ministry in Africa, and excited for everything that the Father has in store as He seeks to establish a people for himself from among the 900 still unreached people groups on the continent.

In Christ,

Andy, Lesa, Robbie, Avery, and Sydney

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