Going home!

At Tim Lang's wedding, with the youth group Lesa started 10 years ago

Sitting in our hotel room in Michigan, having just celebrated Andy’s grandma’s 84th birthday on Wednesday, and Tim Lang‘s wedding last night, we realize we have a lot to be thankful for… our family, our friends, our Christian heritage.

This past summer has been an amazing time of reconnecting, and seeing God continue to provide for us financially in ways that remind us we’re on His mission, not ours!

We are very pleased to report that we’ve received our financial clearance to return to Kenya, which is tonight! Praise God!

Please pray for our family (plus Katie Lang) flying tonight (Saturday) and tomorrow, that our bags would all arrive safely, that we’d quickly get over jet lag with school starting Thursday!

Praise God!

-Andy, Lesa, Robbie, Avery, and Sydney

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