16 days, $500/month to go

The stats:
16 days until we leave for Africa
15 days to raise $500/month in support
21 days before school starts in Kenya
50 days until shooting starts on Andy’s feature-length directorial debut

Tourists at the Biltmore

We’ve had an amazing time in America, seeing family and friends and supporters, but our time is finally winding down. Honestly, we’re more than ready to go back. We’re torn between the people we love here and the work God has lined up for us to do. We are anxious to begin our next term and see what God has planned.


Our organization, AIM, requires us to be 100% supported before allowing us to return to Africa. We started our furlough in June with $1100/month shortfall. We’re extremely grateful to have been blessed with $600/month of new support since then. This leaves us still $500/month short of being able to return to Kenya, with our round-trip tickets already set and school and a movie production we’re involved in all waiting on our return!

We are praying for 5 or 10 families that can partner with us financially. The average amount our supporters pledge is $100 a month,  Please pray about being one of those families, and joining us in God’s amazing work on the African continent! Email us right away if you are one of those families, we need to show evidence of our 100% support by the end of the month!

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Andy’s team is making a $100,000 feature-length movie this year, with filming scheduled to start middle of September and Andy as the director. Please pray for the funding to come in by August 14. Please pray for Andy and his team as this is the largest adventure they’ve ever taken on!


Lesa will dive back into school the minute we hit the ground in August-with new shows and concerts to direct and lots of students to mentor. Her Masters thesis will be finished by December, God willing. She will then have her Masters in Theatre Education and so much free time she won’t know what to do with herself! Please pray for Lesa – to finish her thesis and balance everything else without losing her mind! 🙂

Robbie will be starting 8th grade, Avery 5th, and Sydney 2nd. They are all very excited to be moving up. Also, our family will be hosting Katie Lang, the daughter of our good friends from Northern Virginia. She will do her senior year at Rosslyn Academy and graduate (hopefully!) in May. We’re all excited to have her as part of our family for the year, just as her older brother, Tim, was a few years ago. Please pray for Katie as she adjusts to Kenya and Rosslyn. And for all of us as we learn to do life together with a new member of the household.


We are so appreciative of all the love and support shown to us this summer by many of you. We regret not being able to see more of you, but pray that we can keep in touch through email and skype during the next term. WE LOVE VISITORS, by the way! Most of all, we are so thankful to our great God, who is faithful and whose promises never fail. He doesn’t promise life will be easy, but that He bears our burdens. So many of you sacrifice financially and in prayer for us regularly. Thank you!

In Christ,

Andy, Lesa, Robbie, Avery, and Sydney Brown

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July 22 1st Presbyterian Church, Galesburg, IL
July 29 Trinity Presbyterian Church, Aledo, IL
August 3 Tim Lang‘s wedding, Detroit, MI
August 4 Depart for Kenya!
August 15 Deadline for fund-raising for the movie
Sept 15 Filming starts (est. 60 days of shooting)


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