What would you risk for a stranger?

Africa Inland Mission’s On-Field Media team is making a full-length movie! This is a first on many levels: It is our first feature-length project, our first true drama, and our first piece created with the African church as the intended audience.

This is a missions film, challenging the African church to a greater role in the Great Commission – a core message that resonates with AIM’s vision to see Christ-centered churches established among all of Africa’s peoples.

The OFM team has spent much of the last year in preparation for this production, and we’re nearly ready to start shooting. However, because of the scope of the project, AIM’s normal budget for OFM cannot cover the expenses related to the film. So, we have been actively trusting God as we are giving others the opportunity to partner with us to make this film a reality. We’ve already received financial contributions from individuals and organizations (such as Wycliffe), but we still need more help.

With less than 30 days to go before we need our production budget in place (a delay now will push the project to next year due to furlough schedules), we are asking the AIM family to join us in the effort. By utilizing our collective networks, we believe that God can not only inspire many with the film’s vision, we believe He can work through many partners who may share this vision to provide the remaining needed funds.

The approach we are using taps into the social networks that so many of us already have in place (via email campaigns, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

The idea is to simply share a link, and ask others in your network to “Like” or “Share” it as well. We’ve provided a simple graphic that will fit well into a Facebook post or an email newsletter. If you share this along with the film’s web link (www.distantboat.com), people will be directed to a site where they can read about the film and make a contribution via AIM’s online donation system.

If you’re willing to help AIM promote this important project, please take a moment to make a post in your social networks, or send an email to individuals, churches, or organizations that you think might be interested. And encourage them to pass it on as well.

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