30 number of days spent in the US so far
29 days remaining
35 lbs gained collectively
3853 miles driven

Tourists at the Biltmore, North Caroline

Half-way through our furlough we are still fund-raising. We’ve picked up some new supporters, and possibly even an additional church partnership, but still find ourselves lacking about $700/month that we need to be able to return to the field at the beginning of August. AIM requires us to be 100% funded before allowing us to return.

$6634 amount per month needed to minister and live as missionaries in Kenya
3 number of churches that support us
50 number of individuals that personally support us
$100 amount of average monthly individual support
$700 amount per month that we are under supported
29 number of days to find $700/month so we can receive financial clearance to return to the field
number of months, in the past 5 years in Africa,
that we have run out of support:
consistency of God’s faithfulness: 100%

Please join us in praying for 7 new families that could partner with us financially with $100/month. Please join us in praising our eternally faithful God, who is able to provide, every time, perfectly timed.