May update, and urgent pray requests…

…it’s been a month like no other, and it’s only just begun. Please take a moment to read what God has been doing in and through us, our summer furlough schedule, and how you can partner with us to continue doing this ministry as our 3rd term in Africa starts this summer.

_DSC3068.jpg The Sound of Music, Lesa’s 9th show at our school, and the first one featuring Sydney in a major role, finished 2 weeks ago.

See photos from the show and read more about the 11 weeks of rehearsal, 85 cast, crew, and orchestra, 5 sellout performances, and 1 drama teacher to rule them all.

Tonight, Andy heads to Egypt and on Monday, Iraq. He will be serving as a videographer with International Christian Concern, an organization whose mandate is getting the world to notice Christian persecution and to fight on behalf of those who are enduring this persecution.

Read more about this trip, and how you can be praying for Andy, and especially for the christians from these countries.

2 days after he returns, Andy starts casting for “A Distant Boat”(working title), the first feature-length film his team has ever taken on, and with Andy as director. Andy’s team will weed through up to 400 actors in 2 days to get down to a cast of about a dozen.

Watch a short video about this film project and how you can get involved.

_DSC5993.jpg A little under two weeks later, and the whole family will be in Amsterdam, riding the canals and checking out the Anne Franke house, on a short 1-day layover on the way to the US for furlough this summer.

Browns in Africa, Summer 2012 world tour dates:

June 3 Amsterdam, Netherlands
June 4 Aledo, Illinois
June 9-17 South Riding, VA
June 10 Dulles Community Church
June 17 Dulles Community Church
June 17-19 Winston-Salem, NC
June 20-26 Vacation (NC)
June 30 Kansas City, MO
July 1 Available to speak (KC area)
July 2-8 Vacation (Ozarks)
July 9-16 Hutchinson, KS
July 15 Available to speak (central KS)
July 21-29 Illinois
July 22 First Presbyterian Church, Galesburg
July 29 Trinity Presbyterian Church, Aledo
July 30-Aug 2 Ohio
Aug 3 Detroit, MI (Tim Lang‘s wedding!)
Aug 4 Fly back to Kenya

We don’t take it lightly that there are nearly 100 people in the US and Canada who sacrifice financially, regularly, for us to serve the church in Africa, and even the church in the middle east occasionally. We are humbled and blown away every month to see who God will use to provide the $6600 it takes every month for us to live modestly and serve effectively here.

As we’ll be starting our 3rd term as missionaries in August, we are forecasting a $27,000 shortfall in our support over the next 2 year term, due to inflation and the rapidly rising cost of living here.

  • Would you please be praying about joining our support team, either financially or in praying for us? 
  • If you belong to a church that values missions, would you consider letting us be a part of your church’s plan to fulfill the great commission in Africa?
  • Would you please be praying for our furlough? That we would find much-needed rest in a short amount of time, especially with great distances to be traveled and quality family time that needs to be spent.

Thank you for taking the time to read our update, and to pray for our family and our ministries here in Africa.

-Andy, Lesa, Robbie, Avery and Sydney Brown

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