The hills are alive…

11 weeks of rehearsal

85 cast, crew, and orchestra

5 sellout performances

1 drama teacher to rule them all…

Our high school’s production of “The Sound of Music” took place recently over 2 weekends. It was the biggest show Lesa’s done since “The King and I“, in terms of length, numbers of students involved, size of the set, and the size of the undertaking. The show was a smashing success, and for our family was a particularly memorable experience. With Lesa as the director, Robbie playing in the orchestra, Sydney as Gretyl (the youngest Von Trap child), Avery running projection in the tech booth, and Andy running spotlight (and as technical director), it’s been an exhausting but rewarding couple of weeks leading up to opening night. The opening night was a smashing success, in everything from set to costumes to singing and acting.

 This past weekend has been a rough one, though. Friday night’s second act was nearly drowned out by a thunderous rainstorm. Sydney woke up Saturday morning with a 103 degree fever, and we quickly arranged for the other Gretyl (Lesa double cast the children’s roles for situations like this). Then, minutes before Saturday’s matinee was about to start, the piano player suffered a grand mal seizure. The cast and crew were pretty shaken and scared, and the performance had to be cancelled before it started (while Andy was desperately trying to prepare to sight-read the piano score for a 3 hour long show).

The show will resume on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday this week, with a new piano player (not Andy… someone who actually has time to practice) and hopefully Sydney back on her feet.

Our Masai friends who’ve been staying at our house this weekend must think every day is like this…

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  1. Good grief! You’ve had quite a week. Hope this weekend goes much better and that Sydney is better!



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