School update

Lesa and the cast/crew of LW&W

The semester has started off with a bang this year. The students who were freshman my first year of teaching are now seniors, I can hardly believe it! Our high school production this semester is The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, which takes place the last weekend of October.

We have invited several local Kenyan schools to a special matinee outreach performance, which is a first for us. After the performance we will hold discussions about the gospel message found in Lewis’ story.

I’m teaching “Introduction to Theatre” for the fourth time, so I’m finally getting the hang of it! We’ve started a drama ministry team for chapel, as well, which gives the students a chance to see how effective drama can be in ministry.

My grad school studies have helped me become a better teacher/director all the way around, so this past year has been full of many improvements to the program.

I’ve also begun directing the high school choir. This has been a true joy for me, getting back into conducting again. Our first concert (combined with the middle school choirs) is November 17th!

My third area of focus at school is Worship. I teach a Worship class both semesters (this semester is “Worship 2”) and also direct the bands which lead worship each week for chapel. Those of you who know me well know that I am in heaven, doing all the things I love: choir, theatre, and worship music with high school students! It has been amazing to see the growth of my students in leadership, character, and in their artistic abilities throughout each program. I feel truly blessed by God to be able to serve with all of my gifts here at our school.

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