Long Road Down – to Maasai land

Missionary media producer and motorcyclist Andy Brown documents his first journey into the African bush on his motorcycle.

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  1. Great job documenting your Motorbike trip into the bush Andy. I liked it allot. You did a good job mixing in the camera shots from the bike and off the bike. I really like the shot of the town you had lunch in and the shot of you coming up the trail. The interviews and including the people along the way were also good. See the way the Nairobi worship is priceless…Great to see you are on track doing exactly what I envisioned you doing with your passions and skills.

    In case your wondering, the Wilson Family is healthy, personally I am thankfully serving where we can, being faithful when we get opportunities to serve. I have done some work with the homeless on my own that has been interesting and I have been active with the DCC Men’s group and helping out with set-up for Echo. Other then that just busy with business and family…

    I guess you must know all about Brad’s Film Festival hes planning, so I won’t go into that.

    In Christ,



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