We hate sounding like we’re always on the brink of financial disaster, but one look at the world headlines and you see that we’re not unique. Despite our very best efforts to simplify and save, inflation in Kenya is out of control. Most items have gone up 20-30% in price in the past year, and many commodities have doubled or tripled in price. Our electric bill has doubled (and we don’t even have AC or heat in our home!), groceries have gone up 30% or more, gasoline is at a high for us.

That said, we have a huge amount to be thankful for. We are among the wealthy. We don’t have to miss meals because we don’t have food, like the million Somalis in refugee camps here. We don’t have school fees. The dollar is trading very strongly here. We have a huge blessing of a house. We run out of money by the end of each month, but we’re still able to generously give to those who need. And we have not a few people in the US and Canada who are sacrificing financially every month because they want to be a part of God’s kingdom work through us.

We are a bit low in our monthly support, though, and having to raise our support rate now to combat inflation. If you or your church would like to participate in our ministry financially, either regularly or with a one-time gift, you can do so here. And prayers are free, so please continue praying for us!

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