Summer update

Probably none of us looks at our lives and thinks ourselves uninteresting or dull. That’s human nature, or at least Western nature, thinking that no-one could possibly be as busy as we are, or have lives as crazy.

That said, we must be the craziest people on earth. In the past month we’ve moved houses, entertained Andy’s parents for 2 weeks, brought bibles and a vehicle to our Maasai community, safaried across the Mara plains, made a movie, and sent Lesa to graduate school in Colorado. And the summer’s only half spent…

So where are we now?

Andy and the kids are settled in the new house in Nairobi, and Lesa is at the University of Northern Colorado finishing her final on-campus course requirements for her Masters in Theater Education.

If you live in Denver, please come hear Lesa speak at GracePoint Community Church in Littleton on July 24. She will be speaking during the Sunday School hour at 9:15, and singing and briefly sharing in the worship service at 10:30.

If you live in Northern Virginia, Lesa will be having two dessert nights while she’s there in order to see everyone and share details/answer questions about what’s been going on in Kenya with our family – complete with photos, videos, etc. If you can come to either one, that would be wonderful! Please contact the host if you plan on coming and if you want to help provide a dessert!

Wednesday, July 27: Brad and Amy Russell’s – dessert night. RSVP 703-327-4952

Saturday, July 30: Bruce and Cindy Lang’s – dessert night RSVP 703-435-6115

Sunday, July 31: Lesa will be sharing during Dulles Community Church’s worship service at 10:30.

Meanwhile, Andy has been hard at work on a 20 minute documentary that you’ll never hear/see us talk about publicly. An inspiring story, but a highly sensitive one. We hope to release it soon, and pray it makes waves across the internet in both the Christian and, uh, “non-Christian” communities. It just won’t have our names on it, for our own safety and for the safety of the more than 20 volunteers and extras who have helped to make this film possible.

If you know us personally, and would like to hear more about this film when it is released, please send us an email. And please pray for this production, for it to bear fruit for God’s kingdom in mighty and miraculous ways!

Thank you all for your love and prayers and financial support. We hope you understand the important part that you are playing in God’s kingdom by helping us to serve here in Africa. We are constantly humbled by God’s grace extending to us through you. Thank you!

God bless you all,
Andy and Lesa and kids

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