School update

Robbie, in "the Healer"

Lesa and the kids have had a busy and productive time at school the past few months. Late last year saw Robbie’s theatre debut, in the middle school portion of a night of student-written one acts Lesa produced. And with a giant Bollywood style ending no less!

In January Lesa had the opportunity again to lead a group of high school students to Olepishet, our Maasai village where we’ve been adopted by the community, for a week-long cultural field studies program. It was a great time for her in continuing to build a relationship with this community, helping students to engage with Maasai culture, encourage and support the local church, and provide some basic community health care training.

Lesa, director

In addition to teaching drama, discipleship, and directing the 4 high school worship teams, Lesa is in production week for Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the HS Drama department spring play. Following that, in April, will be a weekend production of a musical revue, spanning 20th century Broadway hits.

One of the most important parts of ministry to teens is the discipleship. In all things Lesa sees her most important role as being not just a mentor, but a discipler. Seeing kids develop their full potential in Christ, not just artistically, is very exciting, and what keeps Lesa energized. Check out the portfolio of Sonia Kuguru, and see what caliber of students she gets to work with and develop!

And somehow in there she finds time to work in weekly homework assignments for her Master’s in Theatre Education…

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