A change of plans

Snoozing on the overnight to London

Snoozing on the overnight to London

A few weeks ago we were sitting trying to analyze our feeling of unsettledness about going back to the US for furlough this summer. We had been planning on it, since it will have been 2 years since our last furlough. And Lesa has a required 3 weeks of graduate school in Colorado she has to attend. Yet, there were some problems with this plan. We had just been in the US last summer for a pair of weddings. We are losing our house in Nairobi and are required to move out this summer. The 3 weeks of graduate school was going to wreak havoc on our travel schedule.

6 months ago we were certain we’d need to be furloughing this coming summer just to be able to raise money to remain on the field. Since then we’ve seen God’s mighty hand of blessing provide enough for us to remain here without running out of money in the near future.

So, we’ve decided to delay our furlough until summer of 2012, which solves many problems for us. It allows us to be able to move into our next house when it opens up, rather than having to move our entire household into temporary storage in May, and then into a house when we would have returned from furlough. It allows us to have a much less distracted and busy furlough in 2012, without having to squeeze 3 weeks of grad school into our 8 week furlough. And most importantly, it allows us to actually have some down time this summer, as we’ll have the entire month of June together without school, living in our own home, without pressure of having to travel. It’s hard to describe how exhausting and disruptive the trans-world traveling is on a family, and how a furlough is anything but a vacation. We were just really needing a summer off.

Lesa still has 3 weeks of grad school she’ll have to attend, and we’re going to build in some time (short, but intense) on either side of that for her to see our supporting churches that we didn’t get a chance to see last summer. Hopefully that will fill the gap until we can have a longer and more personal time with each of you in the summer of 2012.

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  1. Tough decision, guys. It definitely sounds like the Lord has led you guys there though. 2012 is going to be an “exodus” year for RVA…tons of families going either for the year or for a few months (like us). Enjoy your June…maybe we’ll see you around Kijabe (just stay away from ziplines :)).


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