World’s craziest motorcycle commute through urban Africa caught on tape

Not for the faint at heart! Come along for the ride with Andy Brown as he shows you his daily commute through Nairobi gridlock and how to pass 320 cars in 7 min …

…it looks much crazier and dangerous at 8x speed!


  1. Hello! My husband Dave and are friends of the Kellers, and we were in Nairobi this past February. Dave and Andy would motorcycle commute to the AIM hangar each day. (I was doing ‘musicianary’ work with Shem Okello of the African Baptist Mission of Kenya). I have previously led a team to work with Jr High kids at the November AIM conference held at Kijabe…
    I LOVE your website here and am very interested in the work you and Lesa are doing there. One of your banner photos looked like it was the two of you leading worship.
    I’m sure we will be returning to Africa in the next couple years; we now live in Fairbanks, Alaska. I would love to bring a small team of musicians from here, possibly including some Native Athebaskan/Eskimo folks for whatever could be done! 🙂
    Thanks for all you do!

  2. What a video! How did you do that? Camera glued to your helmet?
    Makes me appreciate Taipei traffic (which is saying a lot…)!!
    Wow! – Jessica Powers

  3. I’m glad you finally got that to work Andy!

    It’s funny how incredibly normal this commute looks to me…

    Love you guys!

  4. This is NOT for me. Thank you very much.

  5. I’d never do this…on tape…and publish it where my wife could see it 🙂


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