Last December, OFM was commissioned by AIM’s international office to produce a video for worldwide use about AIM’s vision to see Christ-centred churches among all african peoples. Up until this point AIM had no video that spoke on an organization-wide, and world-wide basis. OFM had already identified the need for such a piece, and the commission from the international office was all the encouragement we needed to go do it.

The challenge was both broad and comprehensive. To create a video under 5 minutes in length, that could be used cross-culturally in every AIM context (from US to Brazil to Hong Kong and everywhere in between!) and would show AIM’s history, depth, and breadth of mission work, and especially that AIM is all about partnership with the African church.

We started an international brainstorming process in January, involving AIM regional media personnel from around the world. We started writing script treatments in February, by March we were storyboarding. In April we went to Northern Kenya to film the beginning and ending sequences. A few weeks later we went to Rwanda to film Bruce Rossington’s sequence and VO. We spent May and June editing, and pulling footage from the past 3 years of OFM’s archives for the montage sequences.

After taking a month off to attend my sister’s wedding in the US, I hit the deck running with developing the motion sequences throughout the film, then scored it at least 4 different ways before settling in on the current score, then colored it for about a week.

It’s the biggest collaborative effort OFM has ever pulled off, and I was privileged to get to be the producer on this project. May God be glorified in Africa and around the world by what he is doing through AIM and other organizations here in Africa.


  1. WOW, Andy! What a great video! I was sitting here watching it with my little girl (4) on my lap and was thinking how wonderful it is to show her mission work “live” compared to the cardboard story sheets that captured my heart as a kid! God bless you guys and your work in Africa!!!!!

  2. Tremendous Andy! What a great video! Nothing like seeing the work that God is doing in Africa. Very powerful!

  3. Andy,
    That was a powerful and compelling video! It is exciting to see you touching so many people through your gift of video and production. We are lifting you all up in prayer. Send our love to the whole clan!

  4. Watched with tears in my eyes…wonderfully written and produced. The information is compelling and seeing God use your talents is so awesome!

  5. Really great video, fantastic job.


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