Please pray…

Today we received our monthly statement from our mission office with the bad news we’ve seen coming for several months now: this is the last month we’ll get our full salary.

Since our furlough last summer (2009), we’ve lost about $450 a month in support. We’re not surprised by this or discouraged, we feel this reflects the global economic situation that is evident in everything from our retirement accounts to the cost of corn flour in Kibera.

We know that everyone has had to live on less, and in fact, in 2009 during our furlough we prepared for this by lowering our support rate to the minimum, so that we could tighten our belts as far as they would go.

However, every month we are under-supported, money gets taken from our work funds, where our excess money is kept, usable only for ministry purposes or to supplement our monthly salary if needed. We started our ministry in Africa over 3 years ago with a healthy amount in this account, but as the time has gone by the support shortage has eaten away at this account.

Unless we are able to replenish our work funds, this month will be the last one we get our full salary, as next month there won’t be enough extra left to supplement our shortage in monthly contributions.

All this is to say, it is a miracle each and every month that we have to minister here. We serve a God who has all the resources in world! We praise God each month that so much support comes from so many people who are sacrificing financially for us.

We believe we’ve tightened our belts as much as we can. We are prepared to liquidate assets, but we’re not ready to go home yet!

We’ve never “asked” anyone to support us, and feel God has honored that tradition by providing in a way that He gets the glory. We trust that God will do the impressing if we make the needs known.

So, if you feel God is calling you to be involved financially with supporting our family and our ministry here in Africa, thank you. Please go to our support page to find out how to do this.

And if you would please pray to the Father on our behalf, asking Him to provide for us through his church. And not just our needs, but the needs of the church and its workers in the world.

God bless you all…


  1. Hi Andy and Lesa,

    I’m so sorry that things have been difficult for you… I’m glad to be done with seminary so that I can support you again. Your latest video was a reminder for me. Thanks. Blessings to you all. Love you!

  2. How can I help your ministry Liisa? We don’t have much money, but surely some of what we have can help you. How do I assure that the funds I send will reach you?
    Although I know there are many who need the money, we want our small amount to help you. We miss your beautiful voice and seeing you and your family. We miss your folks, too.



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