a new year at school

Life kicked in quickly at school for Lesa and the kids.  We just finished our seventh week.  Robbie started middle school, Avery is in 3rd grade, and Sydney is in Kindergarten (yes, again!) and everyone is doing quite well.  Robbie broke his arm on the first day of school, but his cast is now off.  He is in Lesa’s middle school one act play and is playing the trombone in the band.  All three are in piano lessons.  Avery just finished soccer intermurals and Sydney just joined the Daisies (little Girl Scouts).

Lesa is currently directing “An Evening of Short Plays”.  In this, she is putting her master’s classes into practice by using a type of theatre she learned about this summer called Devised Theatre, where she takes the kids through a specific process of activities (acting, team-building, etc.) to produce original works that are driven by the students.  The high school cast is producing 7 of these short pieces, two of them being directed by seniors.  The middle school cast is producing one longer piece (approx. 45 minutes).  Lesa’s Intro to Theatre class is also producing a piece.  All of these are to be performed at the end of October as one show.

Lesa has also been thrilled to be the new Coordinator for Worship Teams for the high school chapels.  She has 25 students who rotate on teams to lead worship each week.  She and Andy took them on a retreat in late August to work on skills and to just spend time worshiping together as a group.  They are quite good musicians and are amazing kids who love God.  She has also taken on an exciting new Worship Class which focuses on the spiritual, musical and technical aspects of leading worship music.  It has been so rewarding to pass on what she and Andy have learned over the past 15+ years.  These 35 students in the class and on the teams represent at least 10 different home countries.  What an amazing thought that God will multiply our experience across the globe!


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