Brown Family Update – March 2010

Greetings from Kenya

Greetings from warm and sunny Kenya, where we are wrapping up our summer months and heading into the rainy season! We have enjoyed hearing all your stories from blizzards of biblical proportions and reminding us that during these months we live in polar opposite seasons!

It’s been a crazy couple of months since we’ve last written an update, so we wanted to catch you up with our lives, and thank you for praying for us and thinking of us.

Click to watch the short film: North Africa

North Africa

Andy had the opportunity to lead the OFM team to North Africa last month. He and the team lived inside an ancient medina for 2 weeks and served the local platforms there with media: web, photography, filmaking. Click the photo to the right to watch a short film the team produced for the workers there.

Click here to read more about Andy’s trip there, and the rapidly deteriorating situation for Christian workers there. For the password to the post, please contact us.

Click to see photos from family trip to Olepishet


A tiny village in Masai land has captured our hearts, through Lesa‘s January trip there with our school’s Cultural Field Studies, and last week our whole family went to spend a few days doing life and ministry with our new Masai friends. We are continuing to process how we might be involved in an ongoing way with this community.

From Lesa’s blog post:

I’ve been trying to determine at which point the trip became more than I’d planned on – more than I thought it could be.  I went into it excited about time with the students but nervous about the unknown living conditions.  Particularly.. squatty potties, with which I was not yet an expert, despite my nearly three years of living in Africa.  Andy was glad for me to get out of Nairobi and see some more of up-country Kenya.  I guess I was glad for that too, in a sort of disengaged kind of way.  I certainly didn’t expect my life to be changed by the people of a small community called Olepishet.

Click here to continue reading “More Than I Though It Could Be”.

Breaking stuff

Between Andy and our 2 boys you can count 9 broken bones. Call it clumsiness or a daredevil spirit or a combination, but the Brown boys are known for breaking things. The past 2 months has been no exception.

Robert, on his Cultural Field Studies trip, broke his collarbone playing football (not soccer) just as the sun was setting on the 2nd day of this overnight trip and just as his dad was getting settled into North Africa. After a bumpy 2 hour ride back to Nairobi to the hospital, Rob met Lesa at the hospital here. Fortunately there wasn’t much to be done other than wrapping his shoulders back. By the time he saw Andy almost 2 weeks later he was climbing trees again.

Then, 2 weeks ago, Andy took quite a spill on his motorcycle. Not exactly his fault, but he now has a heightened sense of driving defensively. Fortunately nothing was broken, he or the bike, but he did ruin a favorite pair of pants and lose a bit of skin off his wrist, hip, and ankle. Praise God for his protection and sovereignty!

Coming up

_DSC7201.jpgWe’ve got 1 big event coming up in the next month, and its name is Seussical: the High School’s spring musical, with a cast and crew even bigger than King and I, and even Andy is getting involved this time playing bass in the pit. The show is April 23-24, and April 29 through May 1, if you’re in town you won’t want to miss this.

We will also be traveling to the US this summer as Lesa’s sister and Andy’s sister are both getting married. Not to each other. Lesa and the kids will be flying out just as soon as school ends to catch Katie’s wedding at the beginning of June. Andy will meet up with them at the end of June so they can attend Emily’s wedding in July, and then the whole family will be traveling back to Kenya in time for school to start again.

Please pray for:

  • Seussical: for the students involved and Lesa’s leadership, that the process of pulling together a big production will teach students important life skills and a love for the arts and how they can be used to glorify God.
  • Our family‘s sanity during this final month of preparations for the show
  • Andy’s safety on his daily commute on the motorcycle
  • Andy’s leadership as he continues to lead the On-Field Media team in ministry across the continent, serving over 1000 missionaries and projects in more than 20 countries.
  • Our family’s new Masai friends in Olepishet. Pray that we would be changed and affected first, by our relationships with them, and that patiently we would discern how we can be involved in blessing this community and getting involved in resourcing the local church there.
  • Safety in Nairobi. The past couple months have been hard ones for many expats (foreigners, like us) here, with a marked increase in robberies and carjackings and violent crimes. We rest well knowing that the safest place to be is in the center of God’s will.

In Closing

We are privileged to partner with you for the sake of the God’s Kingdom. We are the extension of your hands and feet, all interconnected in this mystery of the body of Christ. We have such a unique role to play here in the kingdom, on the front lines of the kingdom, and we take that very seriously, as we do your support and love. Thank you for partnering with us, and we pray God multiplies your blessings.

In Christ,

Andy, Lesa, Robert, Avery, and Sydney Brown

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