How to dress for success:


Andy and his piki-piki

Beating Nairobi’s infamous traffic while keeping dry and looking fashionable take a team effort.

You’ll notice Andy’s ensemble begins with the requisite helmet. A gift from Daniel McLaughlin and previously Max Katzer.

Next we find the mostly rainproof jacket (Craiglist, $100) complemented nicely by the Buell monostrap backpack, on loan from Jonathan Broga.

Covering Andy’s lower half we find rainproof and padded “overpants”, from New Enough apparel.

Rounding out the ensemble are Andy’s 12 year old waterproof goretex hiking boots ($120 back in 1997)

The bike? A Honda 650XL on loan from Caleb Clay, an SIM aircraft mechanic. (Please pray Andy finds his own before Caleb returns in December!)

Honorable mentions also go to Matthew and Aaron Blick, Glen Collison, and the illinois Department of Motor Vehicles for the assistance in learning to ride and getitng a license this summer. (Glen… sorry again about dropping your bike!)

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  1. A few corrections…if you really want to be cool. I believe the proper term is “sling pack.” “Monostrap Backpack” is way too nerdy. The helmet looks strangely like mine, but I’ll let it slide since I understand that you don’t want to publicize that you may indeed be wearing a girl’s helmet. Or that your head is the size of a girls. Is it an Arai? Size M? Mmm hmm. We’ll see.


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