Dear Friends,

As you all are getting up from a late night, we were able to wake up at our regular hour this morning, just in time for the announcement of the election results, as we are now ahead of America’s east coast by 8 hours and ahead of the west coast by 11 hours.  It has been a bit surreal here, we can actually hear the sounds of celebration coming from the streets outside of our home.  Watching CNN this morning, the Kenyan station has inserted its own scenes continually of celebration activity around Kenya over the newly elected Obama, whose father is a Kenyan and whose grandmother still lives here.    The alternating scenes blending our two worlds together and bringing a visual to what often happens on our hearts – the leaping across the ocean often to remember and love you all in America and still live in a full reality here.

We will be praying for our country as this new president gets his feet under him.  We are rejoicing with those who are joyously celebrating the election of our country’s first African-American.  He has a tough job ahead, and we know that even more now, living overseas.  What every American suspects, that America is a central focal point to the rest of the world and where many many people look for leadership, is so so true.  Do we deserve it?  We don’t know about that, but we do know that America has a responsibility to lead faithfully and wisely.  Let those of us who pray, pray that this new president will be able to do that.

The way that the world is in love with this man also points to a deeper truth – we are all looking for something or someone to believe in.  Let us never forget that the God who formed the mountains and the seas and who puts kings on thrones longs to be the king of each of our hearts and longs for us all to celebrate Him the way the world is rejoicing in Barack Obama.  Let us praise the King of Kings every day and give Him the glory and honor due to His name!

God bless,
Andy and Lesa

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