Brown Family Update – November 2008


We’re taking a little vacation this weekend. We’ve come back to Eldama Ravine, a town a few hours northwest of Nairobi, where there is a farm called Sunrise Acres, equipped with several self-catering cottages for missionaries to come for a low-budget get-away. We love it here. There is a playground (we haven’t seen much of the boys since we arrived), farm animals, trails, a small “mini-golf course”, ping pong, basketball, board games, books, toys (consisting mainly of old McDonald’s Happy Meal prizes – always a sure hit with our kids), birds chirping, trees swaying in the breeze, and a swimming pool which we have yet to try out. We’ve put a ban on all videos and computer games, except for a family movie at night. Andy and I have already read an entire book each, the boys have already made fast friends with a 10 year old belonging to another family on holiday here, and Sydney has rediscovered the art of playing quietly by herself. Aaahh. (For a short story about our time here at Sunrise Acres, click here).

We came here to get away before the big wave of utter busyness hits us in the next couple of months. We decided this would be a great time to send you a short update on our lives. We heard from many of you that you enjoyed our last video update. We’re so glad! Since then, the past two months have been great. Tim Lang has come to stay with us for the year. He is serving as a short-term missionary with Andy’s team, OFM. If you want to check out Tim’s blog, click here.

_DSC3082.jpgSince Tim has come, OFM has traveled as a team to Rwanda. They had an eye-opening experience and came home quite somber from what they had seen. (For more about this trip and the Rwanda genocide, click here). For this week, Tim has joined the Rurup family (Ted is the other member of OFM) and has traveled to Kapsowar, Kenya to film for a video of the hospital there. After our little vacation, Andy will be back in the office finishing up writing the music for the Rwanda video. Be watching for that on our website when itís done. The next scheduled filming trip for OFM is to Mayotte, an island in the Indian Ocean (yeah, I know, must be rough for those poor guys).

We’ve had a couple of birthdays. I (Lesa) turned 35. Ugh. Enough about that. And Robbie turned 10. It’s hard to believe that weíre old enough to have a 10 year old, but I guess based on the fact that I just turned 35, we are. Anyway, Andy and Robbie had a “man-venture” for Robbie’s birthday, and if you would like to read about their harrowing escape from death from a wild animal and their war with a baboon over sausage, click here.

As for me, (Lesa), I’ve been busy, but GREAT! As you know, I’ve begun doing work as the new high school drama director. Our first play of the year, Little Women, is coming up in less than three weeks. I’ve already been working hard to pick out the musical for second semester, as well. There is so much to tell about this new venture that we decided to dedicate most of this update telling you about this new ministry and how our family is doing in the midst of it. But, we’ll let you decide if you really want to read about it. So, click here if you do!

SANY0181.JPGOne last thing, before we go. We wanted to tell you all about a recent need here that has come up. You may remember us mentioning Wyclif, a Kenyan who does work for us and has become a good friend. We have spent a lot of time with him and his family over the past 1+ year, often visiting them in their tiny home on the outskirts of Kibera slum. His only son, Brian, is about to turn five years old. Since I met Brian last year, I have wondered about potential learning disabilities, but I knew that his parents had no idea there was a problem. He started going to a school about 6 months ago, so I waited to see what happened there. Unfortunately, it didn’t end well and he was asked not to return. This was a big school and they didnít have the time, training or patience to deal with someone with special needs. I took that opportunity to gently bring up to Wyclif that maybe we could take Brian to see a doctor. Long story short, weíve now been to both a missionary pediatrician and a missionary child psychiatrist. They have both independently confirmed that he is severely delayed in most areas and that there are especially speech problems which may be caused by a potential hearing disability. They both have said that the next step is an official hearing test and examination by an ENT, and then we will deal with finding specialists for speech and other areas. It will be on our shoulders to find resources and arrange all of this. There is also no way that Wyclif will be able to afford any of the inevitable costs that will be associated with diagnosing, treating, and on-going schooling for a special needs child. Would you please be in prayer with us that the Lord would provide the funds and specialists for Brian?

The Christmas holidays are coming soon. That means hot weather for us and cold weather for you! We’re looking forward to the rest of the Lang family coming to visit during the month of January. It will be so great to have friends here to see our lives and to show around. We’d love to have YOU come to see us too!! We’re coming to the States in May and staying through August. We’ll be sending out itineraries eventually, so we will hopefully be able to see you all. Thank you for your prayers and continued financial support. We are amazed day by day at God’s mighty hand in orchestrating the huge team that it takes to keep us here, well-fed, healthy, and able to give of ourselves to others. God bless you all!!

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