North African man

A Rendille man takes a break from his work to pull up his shirt and show me the teeth marks across his chest and back. The teeth, from a lion which nearly killed him as a young boy. His work now, as a bible translator, bringing the words of God to his people who have never had it.

A North African woman, covered from head to toe in traditional wrap, speaks quietly to me for fear of being overheard. Her story, of how Jesus came to her in a dream telling her to follow him. Her fear, of losing her family and possibly her life, if the community around her finds out of her decision to follow Him.

My good friend from Kibera, Wycliffe, smiles as he recounts his story. The panga (machete) scars across his arms serve as a constant reminder of his past: running in a gang, sniffing glue to numb the hunger pangs, sleeping in the street, and finally, coming into friendship with Christians who helped him get his feet on the ground and introduced him to Jesus.

These three stories are a small sample of the stories I get to capture every week. Stories of how God redeems people from all walks of life, all nations, all religions, to free them from their sin and bring them into His family. Stories of how He releases them from shame and provides new life to those who have lost everything in their former lives because of their decision to follow Him. Stories of how nothing: not lions, nor governments, nor armies of those opposed to His work can stand in His way in accomplishing His purposes.

My name is Andy and my family and I came to Africa just a year ago, to find and document these stories, and to make them known to the world. To make God known to the world and proclaim His glory, by declaring the marvelous things He has done and is doing here in Africa.

I love my job.

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  1. Andy!
    Hey man just wanted to say hey. Sitting here in class at the University of Florida and started thinking about yall over there in Kenya and remembered how you were working on aimsites this summer so I thought I would check it out. Looks good man! Hope everything is going great. I’m praying for you. Thanks again for all of your hospitality and encouragement this past summer. It truly meant a lot. Please tell Lesa, your family, and Wycliffe I said hi. Professor is teaching again so I guess I’ll pay attention. Mungu Akubariki!



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