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I realized today that we should update everyone on Sydney’s surgery. First of all, thank you for your prayers on Friday. I talked to Lesa on the phone about midnight Friday night (4pm CST) and they had just gotten home from the hospital. Here’s a quick recap of the surgery from Aunt Cathy:

Barbara just called and Sydney is done with the surgery..she did great..her eyes just look like bad pink eye..swollen and red…no bandages. They have just now got to go back to talk to her…she is happy and wanted some apple juice and some Teddy Grahams. The Dr. said she might be sick to her stomach..but so far so good.

They said it was so cute…they put her in little yellow scrubs and gave her a little car to ride around in to get ready and when it was her turn…she drove her little car to the room. Then they gave her a balloon to blow into (that was the “gas”). Barbara said she just told them that the balloon smelled very funny!

So there you have it. Driving under the influence at age 3.

We praise God for the success of this surgery, as well as for the safe travels they’ve had so far. Please continue to pray for Sydney’s recovery, and for their return to Kenya next week.

Speaking of Kenya, please take some time to read some of the articles coming out of our On Field Media team, which are currently featured on AIM USA’s front page.

Kenya Crisis Fund has ways for you to give to the recovery efforts going on here, and has a slideshow of photos I took over the past month, most of which you’ve probably already seen.
Message of hope is a story of a bishop in Kibera, and the cross-tribal efforts he is involved in to offer hope in the polarized slum.
Blurring the lines was written during a trip to Kijabe to a couple of camps for IDP (internally displaced people)

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