Things are getting better…

We have been receiving so many e-mails asking how we are, that we have realized that we have neglected to update you all on the situation here in the past few days!  How wonderful it has been for us to know that you all are concerned for us and have been praying for us.  Thank you so much for your prayers, especially – we know that they have made a difference here.

Politically, as you have probably heard, attempts are being made at mediation between the two parties.  There has still been some violence in different parts of the country, but mostly now everyone is realizing what terrible consequences they must face now.  The tragic part of it is that the consequences are being paid by innocent by-standers – women, children, and peaceful people who have lost possessions, homes, jobs, schools, churches, etc.  Many will not be able to return to the areas where their families have lived for generations because of tribal conflicts.

Andy is going on an AIM AIR flight tomorrow to Kisumu, one of the most affected areas in Kenya.  The plane will be taking three trips, carrying food and supplies to one of the camps there filled with those who are displaced.  He will be doing photography and videos for AIM.

For our family, life is slowly returning to “normal”.  Though it is a new normal for us because we are in a new house, which we very much enjoy.  We are so grateful for what we have – safety, food, and a loving community here and at home.  The boys start school next Tuesday and Andy has been glad to get back to work this week.

Food lineAs we said in our last blog, we have been blessed to partner with a church in Kibera feeding 250+ people who are living there – through the generosity of one of our sending churches, Dulles Community.  Today we had the opportunity to go and visit the Kibera church and greet the pastor.  We were amazed to find that there have been 3 babies born there, at the church, in the past week!  It is truly amazing how God has provided for these people.  We don’t feel that we made it happen as much as we feel used by God – a small part of His plan to provide for His people.  The church will be able to provide 3 meals a day for a total of 2 weeks for those staying at the church (around 300) and those who come to the gates for a meal.

Meal of rice and (yellow!) peasWhat is so heartbreaking is that most of the people have lost everything.  You can see the confusion and sorrow on their faces about what they will do next and how will life ever return to “normal” for them?  Most living on less than $1 a day, they have lost items they may have worked a long time for – a radio, a bed – all burned or stolen.  We are so glad that these meals could be a beacon of light in this otherwise dark time.  We were also so glad to meet them face to face and hear their stories.

Lesa and the mothers who had babies last weekThis was Andy’s second time in Kibera and Lesa’s first.  It is an experience like no other – smells and sights you will not forget for a lifetime.  And all through it, we shared the same feeling that this is what it is all about. This is why we are here – so much need, both physically and spiritually.  This is the Africa that compelled us to come here.

For some reason, in Kibera, more than other parts of Nairobi, we find our hearts drawn towards the people.  How we wish we could somehow solve all of their problems.  We’re sure they wish we could, too – as they see us walk by, the only white faces they will see all day long, we represent the resources they wish they had.

We don’t have the answers to how they will replace their homes and belongings, or how they will survive the hatred of another tribe – but we do know a God who wants to give their hearts peace and hope and who wants to share with them an eternity of all they wish for.  Let us all continue to pray for the people ofKids sleeping on the floors of the church Kibera, of Kenya, and all of Africa – that they would know the true King and place their trust in Him alone.

We love you all.  Thank you again for your prayers and e-mails.  They have made all the difference in the world to us the past couple of weeks.

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