Jan 3 update


First, we want to thank you all for your prayers and your notes of encouragement.  We have truly felt your love holding us up here.  It has made this all much more manageable and less stressful to feel so connected to you.


Just a quick update on life here in Nairobi today.  We were all set for everything to fall apart – and it really didn’t (at least from where we are at).  We were told to be ready to evacuate, if the situation called for it.  So we spent the day finishing up all of our packing and deciding what we really couldn’t leave behind.  The plan would be to drive to a safe place outside of the country.

However, the rally that was set to occur was thwarted by police.  We could hear activity not far away, as the police were shutting down the advance of the protesters towards the city center.  Even though the protesters were actually making an effort to be peaceful, the government canceled the rally.  The rally is set to occur again on January 8th.

We don’t think that everything is cleared up, by any means.  We continue to ask for prayer for this situation.  Specifically now that the international community will be able to successfully influence the leaders here and that those committing violence will see that it will not change anything and in fact is hurting their county.

We had a bit of a change tonight.  We were able to join the other missionaries in our neighborhood for an impromptu cookout.  It was so wonderful and relaxing to be out of our house and with other people.  It was truly a blessing.

Some good friends of ours (next door neighbors), Steve and Jamie, have been over a lot, hanging out.  We want to lift Steve up in prayer, also, as he has been a part of an AIM AIR evacuation of Kenyan refugees from Eldoret.  For two days, he has been the person choosing who will get to get on the plane and who stays behind.  It has been a difficult job for him.  We are so grateful for our AIM AIR friends who are risking a lot to continue their work during this crisis.


On a final note, we are working with a Kibera church here and our home church in Virginia to organize a way to get food into the Kibera slums, to the people that are displaced and sleeping in the church.  The people in Kibera have no way to get food right now.  Many have gone without any food for several days.  This is quickly turning into a humanitarian crisis, and we hope to make a small dent in it.  Please pray for the safety of the Kenyans we are working with, who will be getting the food to the people – this will not be safe for them.  Please pray for wisdom as they decide the best way to proceed.

Children in front of their home in Kibera


  1. So glad to hear from you. Can’t check my email at school so just can check your web page to see how you are.

    We continue to pray for everyone concerned and for peace and cool heads to prevail.

    We love you guys! Mom

  2. Thanks for the update. We’ve been thinking of you so much and praying for your safety. We’ll continue to pray for this situation. We love you guys-

  3. Are your neighbors the Taylor’s from Little Rock that the Lowry’s know? If so I’m sure you’ve already made that connection, but just had to see.

    Things are going well here, we have plans for evac. if needed but looking like where I am is going to be OK.

    Keep me posted! Hugs to all!

  4. Thank you for the update, I am praying for your protection and power to your ministry. You will remain in my thoughts and prayers.


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