A prayer request

Happy New Year! We hope you are all having a restful holiday time. Ours has been restful… too restful, in fact! You may have heard about the recent election here in Kenya. We won’t go into all the details of the story here (you can find more of the story on our website or on most news sites), but wanted to tell you what our situation is and ask for prayer.

In a nutshell, there has been a great deal of unexpected unrest all over Kenya since the results of the election unfolded this past weekend. Hundreds have died in tribal-related violence over the disputed election results. This being a usually peaceful country, the extreme violence has surprised us all.

At this point, we have cancelled our vacation to Mombasa that we had planned and will continue to stay put here in Nairobi. We have just completed our 4th day of being in the house – though Andy ventured out today in search for some food! Our neighborhood has been quiet and peaceful. There was only one point yesterday afternoon when we became concerned – we could hear a mob and police gunfire in a market area not far from us, close to Kibera slums. This occurred at the same time as a protest rally was being thwarted in another area of the city. We are awaiting some kind of move towards a resolution on the part of the political leaders, as well as another rally set to occur on Thursday.

Prayer Requests:

– Please pray for this country – that the leaders will resolve their issues politically and not incite violence amongst their followers.

– Please pray that people will see that no election is worth these deaths, and that wisdom and peace will prevail.

– Please pray that God will provide for the physical needs of all in Nairobi and around the country as our food supplies are running low and the markets/grocery stores are emptying quickly.

– Please pray for the safety of our Kenyan friends as they, like us, are trying to stay out of the way of those causing this violence.

– Please pray for all of the missionaries who are making decisions for their safety while still trying to do their work in this uncertain time – particularly for those in the town of Eldoret who are being evacuated.

– Please pray that God will knit our family closer together during this time of much “togetherness” and that we will all grow to lean on Him even more.

Thank you all for your prayers and love.

In Him,

Andy, Lesa, Robbie, Avery, and Sydney

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