Psalm 40



  1. Andy,
    The background is too dark to read what you have written. Have not successfully launched your podcast, yet, though I did download quicktime 7.3. Guess I needed the itunes, too? Can’t read what you wrote about that.
    Love you!

  2. Andy,
    I downloaded QuickTime plus iTunes last night and couldn’t play your podcast. I have tried at the office this morning, too and still can’t get it. Matt can’t either and he has iTunes, too. Have also tried downloading the file and then tried to open it. Don’t think anything is there. Help!

    Love, Mom

    P.S. Thanks for changing the background.

  3. You should be able to play it straight from the webpage… and I’ve fixed the “subscribe to our podcast” button on the right hand side. If you have iTunes, just click that link and it should launch iTunes and give you the option to subscribe

  4. Why can I play the older 2, but not the most recent?

  5. might have been a pound sign in the filename… I have changed the filename, hopefully that will do the trick. Might take a day for the change to show up on iTunes thought.

  6. Ok, finally. No one else tried to get it, yet? Thanks. Of, course, I’d like to see more of you and your family!

    Love you and miss you!

  7. Powerful images and message!

  8. Andy this is Awesome and powerful.


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