Conference rundown

We had a great time at the AIM conference this week. On Thursday and Friday night last week we led worship and it was like being back in the saddle again. Something we enjoy so much, and really felt we were able to use our gifts like we used to. It was well received also:

Andy and Lesa, please know how very much I appreciate your worship leading at conference. A number of people have shared with me how they valued the way both of you led and the songs you chose. Thank you for your prayerful preparation for those two evenings.

We also taught a workshop on Friday morning about leading worship from guitar and piano, we’ll post the handouts here on this site for anyone interested.

On Monday, we taught a workshop on “maximizing the internet as a communication tool” and it was very well received also. We showed the class the things we’re doing with email newsletters and blogging and video podcasting and how to use all these tools to stay in touch. I’ll also post the handouts to that on our site soon as well.

Finally, they showed the OFM’s Psalm 40 video at one of the big sessions, as a reflective, closing element for worship. We had no idea when we made this video that it could serve that purpose, but it really tied in nicely with the conference’s theme of trusting God and knowing we don’t accomplish things by our own strength.

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