Korr, N. Kenya



  1. Stunning images of people and scenery from an alien world–right out of National Geographic! However, I feel uniquely connected to the people through Andy (and, of course, through Christ, who calls and redeems all His people from every nation).

  2. Good Picture, Am greatly appreciate to associate with OFM.

  3. Its so lovely, the Rendille people,
    Korr and its environs look beautiful, reminds me of those days when i was young and innocent running those plains, herding my Fathers goats, sheep and camels.
    I remember the different photos with nolstagia
    Thank you for posting those photos.
    am a rendille from Korr living in Nairobi.

  4. happy to see KORR in all views and Davy over there a great pal of mine,moreso one of the aboriginal cultures in the world is among my RENDILLE people.THE CULTURE BE MAINTAINED.God bless the hands of one who took them.

  5. Amazing, amazing photos. Though I have been to Korr many times, these images draw me back.Very cool.Excellent work.

  6. Very good photos.So attracting I’m from Korr ,i love them. Very Excellent work.


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