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I met a Kenyan man a few days ago whose life illustrates the point I was making in Camping with Hippos. His Christian name is Joshua and when he was in 3rd grade he was nearly eaten by a lion. He was shepherding some goats with some family members, spending the night sleeping in the middle of the herd. In the middle of one night a lion jumped the hedge and grabbed him around the waist (with its mouth, if that wasn’t obvious) and dragged him into the forest. His life probably would have ended there if it wasn’t for his dog, which chased the lion into the woods and kept barking until the lion briefly released the boy to get a better grip. During that brief second the dog placed himself between the lion and the boy and kept barking so the other shepherds could find the gravely injured boy. He was taken back to the village immediately and driven to a hospital. For the next 2 months his parents had thought he had died (there are no phones or easy/quick ways to pass information beyond the immediate village).

The amazing part of this story is what this man is doing now. He is one of 3 translators working in Korr to translate the Bible into the Rendille language… they’ve already completed about half of the New Testament (the book of Mark took 2 years alone!). God had a plan for Joshua, and not even a lion attack could thwart that plan. What an awesome God we serve, huh?

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  1. Hey Guys,
    I just wanted you to know that we are thinking about you and praying for you often. I enjoy reading your posts. Please give everyone our love. – The other Browns


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