A glimpse of Kenya

Cooking and grocery shopping have been a real adventure so far here in Nairobi. There are many things which we cannot get here at all. Then there are some things that are available… but only for a price (like Kelloggs cereal for $10 a box)! Missionaries here hoard chocolate chips, ranch dressing, Jello and pudding, and several other “everyday” items from America. I also just realized that I have to change some recipes because we’re living in a high altitude city, and that’s why the cookies and biscuits I baked were flat!! I’ve achieved several “firsts” already in the kitchen: homemade tortillas and tortilla chips, real whipped cream (no Cool Whip here), and chai (the Kenyan drink of choice). We’ve enjoyed getting to know the grocery stores and places to shop here. There are even malls here in Africa (some are really nice) – and the grocery stores are in the malls (along with the butcher, the pharmacy, the video rental store, etc.). Oh… and now we have Java House and Dormans, which lessens the pain we feel from missing Starbucks. What I wouldn’t give, though, for a fountain Coke – the bottled stuff just isn’t the same.


  1. JAVA HOUSE! I’ve heard all about the glories of Java House and I can hardly wait to meet you there for a cuppa!

  2. Umm…so I could probably ask my mom this but I might as well ask the expert. What do you tweak to get the cookies to not be flat?? Mine sometimes look like pancakes but I wasn’t sure what to change!?

  3. I love all of the posts on your blog. I’m visiting Kenya this Aug from the 2nd-28th. I’m so excited to start working with the orphans ByGrace Childrens home in Nairobi. It’s going to be an adventure.


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