Farewell, America

Travel DocsWell, it’s nearly midnight, the night before we leave for Africa and we still can’t believe we’re actually doing this. Sitting here at our mission’s headquarters, having said all our goodbyes, signing our paperwork, and reflecting back on the short 6 months it has been since we were first here, considering moving to Africa. Wow… we are utterly blown away by what God has accomplished, what he has helped us accomplish, and that he would call us to serve. Blown away by all our family and friends who answered God’s call and sacrificed a lot for us to be here right now.

 Packing to move 6 times in 3 months: We can honestly say right now we will be glad to have this done with. We’ve moved from our townhouse to mission housing, drove a 270 cubic foot shipment to NY that is now on a boat for Africa, moved from the mission housing to our mini-van at the end of May,  re-packed everything  this week into the 14 suitcases which are now in front of me. Our lives are strewn about all over the place, and it will be a couple months before it all comes together again.

2500 miles to say goodbye: The past month has been a blur – we’ve driven across the country to see as many friends and family as we could and had bittersweet goodbyes all the way. We will miss all of you dearly, and will count the days until summer 2009 when we will return to see you all.

Thank you so much, to every one of you who have been praying for us and supporting us on this journey. The past 6 months have been the most encouraging and overwhelming months in our lives. We are totally blown away by every one of you, and totally blown away by our incredible God who proved that not only is nothing impossible for him, but nothing is even hard.

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  1. Amazing. I am in Canada for my final training and am praying for your journies. Can’t wait to see you this fall!


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