June 1 Update

Dear friends and family,

WE MADE IT!! We got our financial clearance from AIM yesterday and we are on our way to Kenya at the end of June! God has been in the middle of this whole thing – we basically just sat back and watched. The other highlight of this past month was our Commissioning Service at Dulles Community Church, where we have been on staff for the past almost 5 years. It was such a beautiful time where we really got to see the body of Christ in action as the local church sent out its own to serve.Packed in tight

As we write this, we are about 3 hours outside of Virginia, driving to Ohio – the first stop on our June tour of the country! Here’s our travel schedule, in case anyone wants to pop in to see us when we are out your way:

May 31 – June 2: Cedarville, OH at Grandma Stormont’s

June 2 – 9: Aledo, IL at Andy’s parents (we will be getting away to Chicago from the 5th – 8th for our 10th anniversary)

June 10 (am): Pine Ridge Presbyterian Church, Kansas City, MO. We will be speaking specifically at the 9:15 service about our upcoming ministry in Africa

June 10-20: Hutchinson, KS at Lesa’s parents’

June 20 – 22: Kansas City (Robbie wil be attending camp at Heartland while we spend time seeing friends in KC)

June 22-27: Aledo, Illinois

June 27 – 29: Pearl River, NY at AIM headquarters to meet up with the other new missionaries who will travel with us to Africa

Box 1 of 38Once we get to Kenya, we have a very exciting schedule, too. We will be staying at a guest house for a week to rest and acclimate to the time change. Then we will be at Africa-Based Orientation school for 3 weeks in Machakos, Kenya. There the whole family will be trained and prepared for our new life and ministry. Then we will go to stay with a Kenyan family in their home for a few weeks (not sure how long exactly). This is where we will really get to know how Africans live and experience the culture first-hand. FINALLY, after all of this, we will get to settle into our new home in Nairobi. Hopefully, our shipment of stuff will have arrived and we can finally have a place to call “home” again.

At this point, we are actually OVER our monthly pledge target (106%). This is perfect for many reasons. The extra monthly money goes into our “work funds” account, which will serve as a safety net should we dip low on any given month in our monthly support. We can also pull money from this account for ministry expenses, so we’re not spending our salary on video tapes and camera lenses! Also, our hope is that we could use this money for possible travel to lead worship at missionary conferences and such. We thank you all for how much you helped to make this happen. It is so crazy that God has so clearly made this happen – it makes us really wonder what He has in store for us over there!

We have also raised money for some vital equipment necessary for Andy to function on the media team and for us to lead worship at events. We are still hoping to take a few more items with us for the media team, such as more camera equipment, recording equipment, and software. If you are interested in making a donation towards this equipment, the easiest way is to go to the AIM website at www.aimint.org. This donation should be towards the project named, “Andy and Lesa Brown Media Equipment.” You can also make other donations there and/or join our monthly support team.

If you sent in a pledge card and/or a check to us and you have not yet received something in the mail from AIM, could you please send us an e-mail and let us know? We are trying to iron out a few details with AIM this month and want to make sure everyone is set up with AIM for receipts and monthly pledges.

We’ll keep the website up to date throughout the next 2 months and probably send out another e-mail sometime later in the summer when we are in Kenya. We love you all and thank you for all of your help and support! LOOK OUT AFRICA, HERE WE COME!

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