May 10 Brown Family Update

Dear friends and family,

Soon-to-be world travelers, at Denver Airport in AprilIt is with great excitement and anticipation that we share with you about our progress this past month. First of all, it is very likely that we will be heading to Kenya at the end of June! Yeah! God has completely blown us away by continually providing for the financial side of things, as well as for all of our other needs. We have been in the process of wrapping up life in Virginia by trying to spend special time with all the people here whom we have grown to love so deeply, tying up the loose ends of our work and home life, and packing up to move.

Cousin Morgan & Sydney, in DenverThis whole experience has changed us. We had heard that this process actually teaches you many important lessons for the mission field – it’s so true! We have learned so much about trust, as this entire year has consisted of life completely out of our control. God has brought healing in many areas: in our personal lives, in our marriage, and in other relationships. He has brought us to a place where we are actually OKAY with getting rid of most of our earthly possessions – stuff that we have been holding on to for years, stuff we have loved and cherished. He has had us in a wonderful place (Dulles Community Church) these past five years, where we have been loved on and taken care of, stretched and challenged, inspired and directed. We have grown in our appreciation and love of our amazing families and the support they have shown us as they let us go. We have reconnected with old friends in Denver and across the country as if we had never been apart – finding out that our common bond in Christ will never fade. We wish we could sit down with each one of you and share from our hearts how much Jesus has blessed our lives in ways we never expected. Hopefully we will get to someday.

Outgoing Expenses: (One time target of $29,000) > 100% (we were at 100% in April!)
Monthly Support: ($4,9000 in monthly pledges) 82% (we were at 54% in April!)
Deadline: May 29 (2 weeks to go!)

As far as our specific needs at this point, as you can see above, we are nearly there with our monthly support pledges. We still must raise the rest of the monthly pledges by the end of May, or we will not be able to go this summer. Please continue to pray for God’s provision for us over the next two weeks as we wait for the final pledges to come. If you haven’t joined our support team yet and would like to, please send us a pledge card in the mail to our current address or shoot us an e-mail. Some of you have asked about what happens if we receive over 100% of our monthly target. The answer is… that would be great! Any extra money raised will go into our “work funds” account, which will serve to help us with ministry expenses and will cover our salary should we lose support on any given month.

You can find everything on our website, along with a pledge card, updates, and other information, or call us with any questions. We love you all and thank you for all of your help and support!

In Him,

Andy, Lesa, Robbie, Avery and Sydney Brown

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  1. I am so excited for you! What great pictures of the kids, too. I can’t believe how Robbie has grown (when WAS the last time I saw you guys?). You are in my prayers, friends! Hugs to you!


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