Wow… what a weekend we just had. We spent all last week getting ready for the largest garage sale we will ever have (considering all the stuff we’ve accumulated over the past 10 years of marriage!) and sold most of it on Saturday morning (the Boy Scouts got what was left). It’s quite a freeing feeling to be done with it all. Not just because it was a lot of work to get ready for (we filled a UHaul and a couple cars!) but to have lightened the load so dramatically.

The money we made at the garage sale ($1100! thanks in large part to an awesome family that donated some good stuff for us to sell) is going to purchase a portable sound system for us to use for worship leading on the field. We saw the need for this last year when we led worship in Mombasa… how much use a good sound system could be put to!

Next big project: packing for the big move. By the end of this month we’ll be on our way, and travelling light for the month of June (everything has to fit in a minivan- including us). We’re going to take a big load up to NYC (our mission’s HQ) and leave stuff there we’ll be shipping via ocean freight, and stuff we’ll be flying with at the end of June but don’t want to haul around in a van all month.

We are feeling extremely blessed and encouraged right now… knowing that God is in control, not us!


  1. I am sooo excited for you! I just resigned this morning so now it’s all getting so much more real for me. Congrats on the great sale! That is awesome, I hope mine does as well. All that Creative Memories product will help, I hope.

  2. Wow… it’s great to see how God is making this work out so well for you. I love you guys so much!


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