Rocky Mountain High

DenverLast week we had an incredible trip to Denver. A really really refreshing time of catching up with friends, leading worship at the church we used to be on staff at, enjoying the view, eating Colorado style pizza, playing stand-by roullette at DIA. We were blessed by so many friends and family there, and came away feeling incredibly encouraged and commissioned to the work God has called us to.

A quick update for this week:

* Our monthly support pledges now stand at 77%, props to our God!

* We have 4 weeks to raise the final 23% (about $1100/month) in pledges. If you, your church, or someone you know would like to join our support team, just fill out this card, and email it back to us at andy (at) brownfamily (dot) ws.

* Our home church interviewed someone for our job last weekend, a really talented worship leader from Texas. Please pray with us that God would call someone to our position and that the transition would be smooth for our congregation here.

* We have a huge load of things to sell in the community garage sale this weekend. So much, in fact, that I’ve rented a U-Haul to get it all there (way more stuff than the space we’ve been alotted will hold!). Please pray for good weather and that we would sell as much as we can. We’re counting on the proceeds from this to help us set up our home in Nairobi.

* We’re not even unpacked from our move 2 weeks ago (to temporary missionary housing) and we’re busy re-packing our things for the big move. We’ll send some stuff via ocean freight (which we’ll need to drive to NYC sometime this month), the most important things we’ll be carrying with us (driving extra bags to NYC to wait for us there until the end of June when we fly out). Needless to say, it’s complicated.

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  1. This is so much fun! I’m getting excited and ready for my move as well. I should hit Nairobi late August. See you this fall!


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