Africa Update – April 2007

Wow! Lately our lives have been a living, breathing testimony of God’s provision and faithfulness. Truly, when He calls, He also provides. Below we’ve shared some of the amazing things that He has done in and around us over the past month or so, along with some updates on what’s coming in the next few months…

  • We closed on our house this month. Everything came together without any problems. We are currently renting back from our wonderfully generous and flexible friends, the Katzers. We’re in the process of sorting through most of our stuff – storing some and selling most.
  • We will be moving on April 14th to the vacant (yet furnished!) home here in South Riding of some other friends of ours, who are living currently in North Africa. We’ll live rent-free there until we leave Virginia at the end of May.
  • We have made an agreement with a family who is moving away from Nairobi. We will be purchasing their entire household and car and will move into that house (for rent) when we are finished with all of our Orientation activities in Africa. This will be our home, most likely, for the next two years, at least!
  • Our boys have been accepted into West Nairobi School for next fall. WNS is a Christian, American-style school where many missionary kids attend, as well as other international families and Kenyans. We visited it last year and were very impressed with the campus and all we heard about the school.
  • Some dear friends of ours have agreed to purchase our mini-van before we go. From the proceeds from the sale of the van and the sale of our house, we will be completely debt-free and ready to go!
  • We are blessed to have many of our family members come out to visit and help with packing and such. It has been great to spend special time with them and the kids have LOVED having so many grandparents, aunts and uncles around! We will be spending the month of June traveling to see our families in Illinois and Kansas before we fly to AIM headquarters in NY on the 26th and on to Africa on the 29th.
  • We are going to Denver in April to speak at our old church (now named GracePoint Community Church). We will be there the weekend of April 22nd. We will also be speaking at our old church in Kansas City the weekend of June 10th. We are so excited to visit with many of our friends and family in those areas.
  • Our Support Raising is coming along so well. We have been amazed at the outpouring of financial and prayer support that comes in nearly everyday. Thank you to all of you who are holding us up in this. Below is our current status:
    • Outgoing Expenses (One time target): $29,000 / $29,000 100% raised (we were at 50% in February!)
    • Monthly Support (raised by monthly pledges): $2,277 / $4,900 54% raised (we were at 20% in February!)
    • Deadline for raising 100% (in order to leave for Africa in June): May 29th (9 weeks to go!)

There has been a little confusion about how to send in financial support, so we wanted to clear that up! Everyone who wants to give a one time gift, make a monthly pledge, and/or join our Prayer Team, should fill out a Pledge Card and send it to us. We will then send it, along with any check you may have included, to AIM for processing. AIM will then send you a receipt and any future checks can be sent directly to AIM. This process takes a while at first, but it will eventually flow smoothly for monthly supporters.

You can find everything on our website, along with a pledge card, updates, and other information, or call us with any questions. We love you all and hope to see as many of you as possible before we leave!

In Him,

Andy, Lesa, Robbie, Avery and Sydney Brown

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