Outer Banks – day 5

By the time we woke up, there was a steady, light rain. On TV we saw pictures of flooding everywhere around us, but our house was fine. We spent most of the day in our house, Lesa and the boys escaped for a while to do some school shopping for Robbie at the KMart down the street.

Ocean wavesWe had promised ourselves on the way down we’d have one good seafood meal before we left, and this was our final evening to make that come true. On our way to find a seafood buffet, we stopped at a pier and walked out to the end to enjoy the enormous, turbulent, storm-tossed waves. Then we went down on the beach and the boys ran around in the shallow waves. The water was strangely warm, much warmer than the air by now. The meal we had was pretty good, Lesa and I decided not to cough up the $26/person for the buffet, but the kids were only $1 for each year of their age. Robbie ate way more than $7 worth of crab legs, so I guess it was a good deal.

All in all, it was a really great trip. The first, long vacation we’ve had as a family when we’ve been by ourselves. 

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