Prayer letter (Spring 2006)

We want to tell you about the really big thing going on with us. Probably the biggest reason that we are going on the Africa trip is that we have sensed that God is calling us to full-time ministry overseas. We are specifically considering Africa and are hoping this trip will help us with clarification as to where God would have us go next and how He is calling us to serve. We have been seriously praying about becoming missionaries for about 6 months – not to mention we have been considering it for many years, as many of you know.

As far as what we see ourselves doing on the mission field, we’re not exactly sure at this point, but we are hoping that you would join us in praying for direction. We do have some basic ideas/visions:

  1. 1. To use our God-given abilities/resources to help lift people out of poverty and share the love and message of Christ with them.
  2. 2. To use our God-given abilities/resources to encourage and build up local national churches.
  3. 3. To inspire, equip, and mobilize American churches (and specifically musicians/artists within those churches) to join us in #’s 1 and 2.

We are hoping to learn several things on our trip:

  1. 1. What are the needs of North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa that our God-given abilities may be able to meet?
  2. 2. Is there one place or people group that God is directing both of our hearts towards?
  3. 3. We will be meeting with leaders from two different agencies, as well as missionaries from many more, and talking about specific needs and opportunities that they see, and we are hoping that God may direct us specifically towards an organization or an opportunity.
  4. 4. What environments will our family fit well into? How will our children be able to participate in ministry and what opportunities are there for them for friends, school, and other activities?

So, we wanted to ask if you would be willing to join us in seeking of God’s will at this point in our lives. We want to include you in this process, hoping for your feedback, ideas, and prayers.

Specifically for our trip this spring, we are planning on taking our youngest child, Sydney, who will be 17 months at the time. We ask for prayers for her health and safety and our travel with her! Our two boys, Robbie (7) and Avery (4) will be staying home with Andy’s mom – though they are excited to join us the next time we go! Lesa’s sister, Katie, who just graduated from Sterling College, will be joining us on the trips, as well. We are excited to have her with us and will greatly appreciate her help with Sydney, her knowledge of French (they speak French and Arabic in North Africa), and her voice as she sings with us.

Financially, we still need about half of the cost of the trip, and will all be working hard over the next couple of months to raise the rest. If you would be interested in partnering with us to help make the trip possible, please see the information below. But, most importantly, we would appreciate your prayers.

We love you all and want to keep you informed concerning our trip and our other big decisions. You can go to our blog that Andy set up at to see photos and trip updates. Thank you all so much for the love and support that you have always given us.

In Christ,

Andy and Lesa Brown

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