A Night in North Africa (a week actually)

Here begins a crazy story that is still being written… a story about how God has called my wife and I into overseas missions… a story that began a long time ago and as of Dec 29,2005, doesn’t have a specific direction!

My wife has always been interested in missions… I’ve always been reluctant because I always thought of a missionary as someone living in a grass hut in a dirty dusty village trying to teach people without clothes how to grow corn. I know that didn’t really cover everything that happens in foreign missions, but I seriously thought that was a large part of it. I didn’t have much of a desire to live somewhere where I didn’t have internet, where I couldn’t speak English, and where people didn’t know all the words to The Joshua Tree by heart.

My wife majored in missions at Sterling College, I majored in Computer Science and Music. She went on to study it in seminary while I raked in the cash as a web developer. At some point, God got our (mine, particularly) attention and called us unmistakably into full time ministry. We left our home in Kansas City and moved to South Riding, Virginia to work for a church, where Lesa and I serve as Creative and Technical Arts Directors (respectively).

We love our church… really can’t stand the thought of doing something else. But God has a funny way of changing your heart and placing burdens in it that weren’t there before. Ha ha. We’re still figuring out the details, but here begins the story of my first overseas missions trip and how God spoke to me one night in XXXXX (cue the Dizzy Gillespie soundtrack here).

By the way, since this is a blog, you need to read the posts from the bottom up to read them in chronological order… so…. scroll all the way down and start reading!

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  1. So you did like Blue Like Jazz. Did you finish it?
    Oh, yeah, I was going to ask you if you got your “replacement” book from mom and dad yet…I picked it out, but secretly, I wanted to read it, too, so I read the first chapter while I was home before mom sent it.

    Cool site. Definitely.


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